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Ori Martin 11/3/14 Period 4 Invariably- without exception Intoned- said or recited in a dull unchanging tone Disillusioning- disappointing Mandate- require; formally order Harold Krents was born blind. His family however did not allow him to give up and slack just because he couldn’t see. People almost invariably take his blindness as a total disability. People speak to him as if he either has trouble hearing as well and decide to shout at him (as if vision has anything to do with hearing) or they decide since he’s blind he’s delicate and they whisper. Although he’s gotten this treatment probably most of his life it still pisses him off and after a while probably responding in an intoned sarcastic voice. After attending Harvard University with good ranking in all of his classes it should have been simple to find a job. Instead since he was blind law firms decided he was incapable and was turned down by forty law firms. Although the experience of looking for a job was disillusioning the Department of Labor issued regulations that mandated equal employment for people with disabilities. Harold looks forward to the day when people will look at a handicapped and nonhandicapped person and ask “Which one is disabled?” People spoke to Harold in a loud intoned voice carefully sounding out words because he couldn’t see. In this photo it’s clear that this man is annoyed that people speak to him like this. Harold was always disillusioned when he applied to jobs and received a rejection in return since he was clearly qualified and was labeled by his disability. Harold was invariably rejected from jobs as much as this graph was kept constant before the department of labor made regulations. The department of labor mandated equal rights for handicapped and unhandicapped people just as when a judge uses her gavel they are mandating something. Root

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