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15 May 2013 Heredity and Genetics Health 15 May 2013 Heredity and Genetics From the very beginning, heredity and genetics play an extremely important part of a person’s life. From aptitude to hair color, the genes a person possesses embody their entire being. The double-helix of genetic DNA: without it, humans are worthless. Because heredity and genetics are such a crucial part of life itself, they relate to health in many different ways. Also, because it is so central to life, scientists and common people alike yearn to learn more about it. Like these individuals, I am very interested in this topic because of its vitality in our universe. By affecting everything about us, Heredity and Genetics never cease to amaze. Directly correlating, heredity and genetics play a major role in the disorders we may receive, and diseases we may acquire as well how we look and our brain function. One article by the Industry Week magazine detailed a study by scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Rockefeller University, New York. The scientists concluded that the lack of one gene may increase the risk of obesity because without it the protein that dissolves fats is low in the body. In this study they tested obese mice and injected them with the protein leptin, which caused the mice to lose 40% of their weight without exercise or a change in diet in a month. Even normal mice lost 12% of their weight when given similar tests, again, almost all fat. Noticeably, proper use of genetics can impact our lives in a positive manner for all. In a separate article by The New York Times geneticist Dr. Chad Haldeman-Englert, MD, of the Division of Human Genetics from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia details the types of genetic disorders that can be caused either by heredity or a gene/chromosome malfunction in the womb. Many of these genetic disorders are

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