Ayn Rand's Plot Development: Offline

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English 10B Unit A Plot Development: Offline Activity 2. Exposition: The beginning of the story started slowly, describing the day and the conditions the man faced as well as his thoughts. It also shared the thoughts of the dog that was with him. Rising Action: Several times in the story the man experienced more and more action. From the first time he needed to make a fire to him beating his hands against his chest and legs to get circulation flowing again. Climax: There were two climaxes. One was when he fell in the water and the other was when he built the first fire to possibly save his life and the snow fell on it. Falling Action: In a last ditch effort the man tried to run to camp but couldn’t. Then he sat down and slowly drited from sleep to death.…show more content…
3. Foreshadowing: The best example of foreshadowing is when the man realized he was going to die. He thought about how he was about to sleep to his death and how it wasn’t so bad. Flashback: Many times the man would flash back to the old guy that warned him about traveling in such cold

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