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Writing Assignment 1-Ayn Rand Wealth belongs in the hands of the people who earned it. The fact that so many Americans believe that wealth should be removed from the hands of those that worked for it is reminiscent of the beginning of my book, Atlas Shrugged. I wrote about a society that penalizes its most productive members through vile, corrupt, and evil means that steal their wealth. The worthless, rancid cockroaches in the government take control of all commerce and enterprise, thereby destroying the right of every man to build a successful business in a free market. When my family lived in Russia, the Bolsheviks, vile cockroaches every last one of them, stole my father’s business and wealth for the supposed good of the people. Then I came to America, and I was angered by the Roosevelt administration’s horrible policies to redistribute wealth under the guise of helping the people. I have seen the evils caused by collectivism, and stand as an unyielding bulwark against that tide. If the American people would listen to me, and my philosophy of objectivism, they will be led to a glorious future in which everyone will be able to profit from their own genius, and earn what they deserve through their own labor. When I see people who believe that wealth needs to be distributed more “fairly,” it angers me. These people are evil, rancid cockroaches who just want to steal from the labor of others, and not provide any value to society. Objectivism is the way of the future. Rational morality is vital to the future. This new morality is based on reason, and can be proved. My morality is based on the value of man’s mind, and that the product of a man’s mind is his only value. The highest moral code is for every man to follow his own rational self-interest. If his rational self-interest is to gain wealth, then he deserves that wealth. People are not supposed

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