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Abstract: In the life of Ayisha Miles-John she was a young woman that was very family oriented, and head on. She was always aware of her surroundings, and always wanted to do what was best for her and her brothers and sisters. She had to be the top of her class and be the main focus in her family to keep everyone connected and well fed. Her college life was very much different in what everyone else experienced but she had some unique qualities growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Introduction: Ayisha Miles-John was born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. As she was growing up she was raised upon the church. Her mother was a Southern-Jamaican mother was a former Catholic nun, who was now deep-rooted in the Pentecostal faith so her home was very…show more content…
The power of higher education. She did dorm for the first year, which was rather difficulty being away from her amazing support system of family and friends. Hence, why she only did that for 1 year, but in doing so it did not prevent her from accomplishing her goals of higher education. If anything, it made Mrs. Miles-John stay on track and be more persistent in accomplishing and completing her dream. She wanted to be that role model for her siblings and make her family proud! Leaving and being in her dorm was very difficult for her. She came from a strong knit family and the worrying that anything could happen brought her too much agony and became much unfocused on her studies. The strange thing that she felt is “it's not just only your stress you feel, but it's also everybody's stress you're feeding off, too.” So, going back home relieved a lot of that for her and allowed her to re-focus on her goals. She did not fase many challenges in college especially since she had some time to experience life, as she did not go straight to college after high-school. This afforded her the opportunity to engage with real-life issues as oppose to high-school graduates going right in the lion’s den. She was much

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