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Well Anthony after hearing and reading your story I can definatly see why your classmate felt you were being sexist. In your final sentence you state that any man who wants to succeed in the business world should seriously think about brushing up on his business etiquette. Here you are unconsiously saying that men are mostly business people. Also, you recieved the tips from a woman and then change it completely to only men. You said that the managers came with their wives, maybe you culd have said the managers and their significant others. You also stated that the guys at the picnic were impressed with you. In today's world a woman can do any job that a man can. To avoid offending anyone again you should use inclusive language. That is when you do not state either a man or a woman. A few examples of inclusive language are as follows: Use business representative instead of business man or woman. Use congress person instead of congressman or woman. Using inclusive language puts specific genders, races, and cultures into a group instead of out ther all by themselves, offending some people. Another way to avoid offending other classmates is to not rush your assignments just because you have something to do. If you know you have something to get it done ahead of time this way you can take your time and not use offending language. You should also avoid talking down to your audience. You need to build a good rapport with the audience to keep their interest and to get your points

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