Axe Detailer Rhetorical Analysis

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Kelsey Reynolds Mr. Oliver FCOMP 1123 30 September 2012 Axe Detailer Commercial Rhetorical Analysis Axe is an infamous brand of male grooming products where the advertisements suggest promiscuous ways their product helps men attract women. In this particular commercial, Axe is trying to convince consumers that the new “Detailer” is an essential product to their line in a parody of a TV Home Shopping Commercial. Through the use of credible sports superstars, endless sexual innuendos, and heaps of pseudoscientific evidence, this Axe commercial successfully captivated the minds of viewers. The Axe detailer commercial could easily go down in advertisement history as one of the most racy, crude, and memorable commercials of all time! Immediately after Denise Saint-Claire introduced tennis phenom Monica Blake, Blake grabs viewer attention by saying “So no one wants to play with dirty balls, that’s why you have to keep your balls clean” while gripping a soccer ball. As if that statement didn’t raise enough eyebrows, Saint-Claire then responds “ How can guys clean their balls so they are more enjoyable to play with?” The Axe detailer is then introduced. Monica Blake then proceeds to use the Axe detailer & Axe shower gel to clean a pair of small golf balls. At that point, Monica appears to possess the three qualities of a credible person: competence, character, and charisma. She is very fond of the product she is advertising, she’s personable, and her intentions are genuine. Not to mention the first demonstrations are done directly in front of a massive, flashing AXE sign. That holds focus on the center of the stage while emphasizing the brand, whose success speaks for itself! Following the release of this commercial, Axe should have integrated a challenge for viewers. The challenge should have been titled “How Many Balls Can You Handle?” People of all ages

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