Awkward Turtle Essay

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Sometimes in class there is a moment of tension, which is normally covered up with chuckles, turns into complete awkwardness. This moment is the perfect opportunity to introduce the “awkward turtle.” The awkward turtle is a hand gesture in which you put your hands on top of each other and move your thumbs in a circular motion, creating the appropriate response for the awkward situation. Often, the awkward turtle is used to make the situation less awkward by making people laugh. There are many reasons to use the awkward turtle. An example is when a classmate attempts to open a door for someone and the door hits themselves in the face, awkward turtle. There are many causes for the gesture to be used. Like, that awkward moment when a guy takes the pregnancy tests as a joke and ends up being pregnant every time, awkward turtle. The effect of this situation is the awkward turtle being used because of the moment of un-comfort. The reason the situation was considered awkward, is because he was trying to do something for someone, and ended up hurting himself in front of everyone. The classmates do not want to laugh at him but it is hard not to, therefore it is uncomfortable. When someone does the awkward turtle, everyone laughs at the motion and forgets about the situation. In some cases, someone will accidently say something that comes across as inappropriate or perverted, therefore when the motion is used it takes away from the awkwardness. There are also cases that someone is being perverted or inappropriate to you, on purpose. In this case, an older man walked up behind a teenage girl an acted like she was a prostitute. If the girl does not want to be rude but wants it to be clear that the man has made her feel uncomfortable, she would use the awkward turtle. The awkward turtle can be used in many different situations. This motion can be used to show awkwardness,
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