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Michael Gow composes a variety of techniques within his texts to create compelling images and themes in the play “Away”. One character that stands out in the play is “Tom”. He portrays a very upbeat, caring and helpful person despite the fact that he is dying from Leukemia. Throughout the play we see that in the final stages of his life, he is desperate to achieve all that a normal person would in his short lifetime Tom does not seemed bothered by his illness and the fact that he is dying, but then we start to see in act 4 scene 2 the worry come out when Tom and Meg are at the beach and he begins to begs her for sex. He does this because the doctor has said that he should try it before he dies. In this scene we experience language techniques; an example of this is repetition. “I want to, I have to,…show more content…
In reference to the holiday, Coral states, “We need a break. We need a change”, this occurs in Act 2, Scene 4. Gow has applied short and direct sentences to correspond Coral’s persistence and determination towards change. The repetition of ‘we need a…’ reflects how Coral has prioritised change, and her views of change being a necessity. These techniques effectively suggest Coral’s acceptance towards change. In act 2 scene 4, Repetition is established once again ‘We’ll have a wonderful, wonderful time’. This has been used by Gow to portray her positive attitude in regards to the opportunity to change. The play coral performs with Tom “The Stranger on the Shore” reflects her acceptance of her own son’s death where in act 4 scene 3 she says repeatedly “I’m walking”. It’s now at this moment she has willingness to rejoin the real world once again. In conclusion the techniques used by Michael Gow help us convey images and ideas through the characters by his use of language techniques such as repetition and the use of

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