Awareness of the Divine Essay

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Anahit Petrosyan ENG 101 – Prof. Michael Beihl Is God an Accident – First Draft Awareness of the Divane Almost every human being at least once in his or her lifetime muses about the meaning of life, human origin and the existence of a super-natural power that leads us through life, controls our destinies and interferes with our reality. Who are we? Where do we go? What is the purpose of human existence? Is life a mere accidental gift or there is a great idea that initiated the universe and our existence. What is the meaning of a human being’s life that unavoidably leads to death? These are the vital questions for humanity that indisputably will be explored at certain point, either at dawn or at sunset of a person’s life. Throughout the history of mankind the main trends of human thought, science, philosophy and religion have been engaged in the resolution of the most significant issues and clarification of ultimate purpose of existence. Among them religion certainly has the longest history. As French astronomer Leland once mentioned, “The origin of religion is lost in the obscurity of the ages”. For many centuries the intellectual elites have been trying to explain the origin of religion. Numerous hypotheses and theories have been developed to elaborate the subject. Paul Bloom, a professor of psychology at Yale University in his “Is God an Accident” article discusses three theories of the cause of religion. Another author Marjane Satrapi in her graphic novel “The Veil” represents her concept of God, religion and wearing the veil; as the veil in its entirety is not solely a head cover but the symbol of religion and the political system for her and for millions of Iranian . Upon comparison of these two essays it becomes clear that the opiate and the cognitive theories proposed by Paul Bloom are in perfect tune with the young girl’s, beliefs

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