Awareness Of Synthetic Drugs. Essay

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Unit 6 Project: Nationwide Synthetic Drug Ban Alaina DAmbrosia Kaplan University CM220-12 Professor Millard April 10, 2012 Spice, K2, bath salts, or incense are all names of dangerous drugs that are being distributed all over the United States. These are all very dangerous synthetic drugs that have been lurking in the shelves of our gas stations, convenient stores and all over the internet. Synthetic drugs are being distributed all over my neighborhood to many children and young adults. There have been many cases of teens who suffered bad side effects, which led to injury and hospital visits. Cleveland, OH has been exposed to a variety of dangerous synthetic drugs that are currently legal. After leaving over 5,000 people injured from the substance, these synthetic drugs need to be banned and taken off store shelves immediately. K2 was created at a college university because researchers and scientist wanted to try new ways to use therapeutic drugs. It was only a matter of time before the substance would be used for inappropriate use by the public. The scientists knew that this new invention would eventually be put into the wrong hands and it did. K2 contains many chemicals that are related to THC, which is the main substance in marijuana. Synthetic drugs all vary in size and shape. It is sold by the gram just like a real drug. The synthetic drugs are being sold over store shelves; some stores might not even check i.d. to see if the consumer is 18 or older. On the package of the synthetic drugs, it states that the product is “not for human consumption”. “Often packed as potpourri or herbal incense and sold in convenience stores, synthetic marijuana emerged as a problem in 2009 and quickly grew in popularity, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Its centers report handling 6,959 related calls in 2011, more than

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