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Cheng Zhang 07/11/13 Rewrite Assignment #2 Avoiding Traffic Drivers always feel crazy because of traffic. Sometimes drivers can be stuck in traffic several hours. Whatever drivers drive for work, travelling or others, it will make drivers be very mad, and it also wastes a lot time. How can drivers get off traffic easily? Now more and more new electric devices can report traffic. Drivers can easily finger out which way is the best choice for them to drive. These new devices can be smart phone, GPS or other easy carrying devices. It is much easier for drivers to get off traffic through traffic report programs. Almost all smart phones have traffic report programs. Many people use Google map to check traffic. After people find their distances on Google map, they can select the show traffic button; and then they will see the traffic signs in Google map. Red color means traffic; green color means no traffic. People can easily find which way have heavy traffic and which way have no or less traffic, and then people can finger out which way they should go. Checking traffic on smart phone is very easy and fast, and then drivers will avoid being stuck in traffic. I have driven for almost two years. I really hate traffic; it always causes me late for work and school, and I am really mad when I am being stuck in traffic. Since my friend Kevin taught me how to check traffic on my phone, I have easily avoided traffic now. It saves me a lot of time, even my life. My friend Wen is a very experienced driver in New York. He still got in traffic sometimes. One time I invited him to come to my home have dinner. He was late almost one hour. He told me that he was in traffic because there was an accident on his way. He said that usually there was no traffic on that way. The traffic accident was unexpected. Anyway He still got in traffic even though he is an experience driver in

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