Avoiding the Pain Essay

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In your attempts to avoid the pain, have you built a wall around your self that makes you look shallow, indifferent to the outside world? Of course I have and the wall is only getting taller and wider by the days go by. Ever since I was small I learned an unusual way to handle pain and struggles in my life. As young boy I would hide from everyone else and not just create a wall to avoid the pain but I would create an entirely different world. An imaginary one, of course. From kindergarten to the 6th grade I would seclude my self in this imaginary place that people would not be able to judge me or laugh at me. I believe it was my appearances that lead so many children to taunt me for so long. So behind that wall , There was joy in me because shots were being called for the first time. From one glance in any of my class rooms, it is obvious that everyone is some what more social then me. I totally believe that’s the reason for my indifferent behavior for so many years is because I locked my self away from society for almost a decade. It is not because I just did not want be around people, it is because people did not want to be around me, assuming it was my appearance. So for quite some time I have been trying my best to forget about the rugged past and move on to the

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