Avoiding Family Work

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Do Men Avoid Family Work? Do men avoid family work? What exactly does family work consist of? What defines avoidance and how can you apply avoidance to men and family work? Many people may agree that men do not avoid family work but rather they just simply become comfortable with their environment. Family work can range anywhere from simply spending time with other members of the family in various ways to some light house cleaning. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary avoidance is the act of keeping away from or preventing something from happening. It can also be considered to be a conscious of unconscious defense mechanism. In my opinion, men do not avoid family work any more than a woman. Many years ago this would definitely be the case for a man. In the past, a man would feel the only thing they needed to do was go to work daily and be able to financially provide for their families and the woman was to do any and everything else. The wife was the homemaker and her job was not only limited to the responsibilities of keeping a clean home but also to look after the children if necessary and make sure her husband had everything he needed when he returned home from a full day’s work. This concept is not as true any longer. Many women now are out in the employment field just as the men and many women can actually do the exact same job as men. In today’s world, men seem to be more involved and caring with their families. In today’s society the roles of men and women have changed over time and have become quite similar. Some of the roles between the male and female seem to come from the biological difference just from simply being a male or female when looking at it in a family’s perspective. In the past the gender roles were so named to state a head of household, which was always the man. The are many people that still live in this day in
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