Avoiding Being Unemployed Essay

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ESSAY- Avoiding being unemployed There are a variety of ways we can avoid experiencing the issues that Annie has. These include: 1.multiple skills 2.backup plan 3.multiple sources of income 4.ideas person 5.open to new ideas Having multiple skills is very important to keep a job, these skills are also handy if you lose your job, for example you may lose a job where you are making shoes, you must now find a job of which you are skillful, this is where multiple skills come in. Having a backup plan is very important to have, even if you are in a job you want to keep, because if the business you work for closes down or you are made redundant you suddenly have no source of income and you aren’t making money. For example Annie has been made redundant and now has no source of income but if she had a backup plan she may just get some money. It’s a pretty good idea to have multiple sources of income just incase something goes wrong through your business for example you become redundant or you get fired or even if your company closes down for whatever reason it is a great idea to be making money another way rather than just the business you are working for at the time. It takes great skill to be an ideas person and makes you a great worker if you are one, for example if your business is going through a rough patch you could think of some different ways to earn more profit or maybe even a brand new product to sell that consumers will like. Its always a good thing to be open to new ideas sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, for example your manager could decide that he wants to change the prices on all the products or he may want to drop your pay for any reason but you must make sure that you are open to any new ideas from anyone this will help you a lot through your job. If you follow all of my five steps there should be no reason for you

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