Avis Success Essay

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The main features that lead to the success of Avis Rent a Car is greatly well-known, with each staff member committing exceeding every custom customer expectation on all levels. Playing the leading role in transforming the car rental service to be quick, easy and affordable, Avis Rent a Car has shaped and defined the car hire industry in South Africa so much that the majority of car rental companies follow from their example. Being the leader of such a vital industry in South Africa (as it compliments the blossoming tourism industry) tends to lean toward being a rather heavy load for one organisation to carry. However, Avis Rent a Car takes on this challenge so gracefully and professionally that they have ensured for themselves that they remain the dominant force in the car hire industry for years to come. http://www.aboutavis.co.za/main.aspx?ID=1522 The history of Avis Company is known in a tradition of innovation and creative ideas, all introduced to cater for specific customer needs. The first attempt to link car rental with airline travel was undertaken by Warren E Avis, a Ford dealer from Detroit who opened America's first car rental counter at Willow Run Airport in December 1946. It was called Avis Airline Rent a Car System. In 1948, the word airline was removed and offices opened in downtown locations. http://www.bdicode.co.il/CompanyTextProfile_ENG/380_944_0/Dan%20Vehicle%20Transportation%20DRT%20Ltd The Strength Avis is considered the leading vehicle leasing, rental and sales company. It is the only company in the sector that holds a quality certification. Operational Leasing Avis operational leasing is known for the highest quality and professionalism in its field: a wide range of brands, in long-term deals, Second Hand Car Sales Customers buy vehicles from Avis because of the credibility, security, and peace of mind they get when making

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