Aviation Maintenance Essay

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Bogus Parts/ Unapproved Parts Program NAME GOES HERE Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Abstract There are many parts and pieces that come together when building and maintaining an aircraft. The processes, materials, and parts all have to be approved before being installed on any aircraft. Let’s think of it as putting modified parts on your car, some of those parts aren’t approved for street use, if caught by police with these parts you will be slapped with a citation. However, in the world of aviation if caught with an illegal or unapproved part it can cause injury or death, with citations and fees being the last of the airlines worries. I want to explore what brings the FAA to decide why certain parts are unapproved, what’s the process for approving or un-approving parts? What affect does un-approved parts have on an airline? Does airlines abide by this listing of parts or do they fly with parts they shouldn’t be? Are malfunctions the only cause leading to un-approved parts or are they caught before hand? What is a bogus part? Also we will briefly dive into the regulations that drive these parts, reporting suspect parts, and notifications. Approved parts are produced in accordance with Title 14 under the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21 under the Federal Aviation Regulation. This is where you will find certification procedures for the items being installed on the aircraft. In the beginning stages when an aircraft is built the manufacturer and the FAA agrees on all parts and procedures that will go into building the aircraft. Later when the Aircraft is owned by the airline and maintenance is on going, parts are replaced but not necessarily but by the manufacturer who initially built the aircraft. At this point the airline has to assure the FAA approves or has approved the part they need to acquire. According to the Huffington Post in 2009,

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