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MAINTENANCE TERMS A Check The most frequent regular check carried out on an aircraft (apart from daily/before flight check). Typically performed every 8 to 12 weeks and often generically referred to as a Light Maintenance check. These checks can be sequentially numbered with, for example, a “2A” check including a few more tasks than a “1A” check. Aircraft Availability The time for which an aircraft was available for flight service, usually referred to in percentage terms. Aircraft On Ground (AOG) When an aircraft has been grounded and is unable to fly for technical reasons it is referred to as an AOG. An urgent request is sent out for parts or components or engineering assistance to enable the aircraft to be repaired and put back into service in the shortest possible time. Aircraft Phase-In When an aircraft (new or used) is first delivered to an operator, the airline itself (or its maintenance partner) must record all details of Part Number, Serial Number, Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) schedule for all components within its maintenance planning and control system. This will also include details of the Flight Hours (FH)/Flight Cycles (FC) undertaken to date by each component, plus the lives already consumed on all installed life limited parts (LLP’s). An Aircraft Phase-In is a particularly extensive task in the case of a used aircraft requiring a large amount of time and resources. Aircraft Phase-Out The reverse of Phase-In, performed when an aircraft is sold (or leased) to another operator. The previous operator (or its maintenance partner) must extract all the PhaseIn data which must have been continuously updated to reflect all the lives consumed and maintenance events which have taken place throughout the time in service with the previous operator/s. In addition, this term is also used to describe the physical work performed on the aircraft and its engines

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