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My House I lived in the same house since I was little. I basically grew up in it. It was a big two story house with two tall trees in the front yard and bushes near the front door. They were as soft as cactus and covered the bottom of the window next to the door. On the right side of the house was the garage with a big bush in front of it covering the only window it had. In between my neighbor’s house and mine was a tall tree that I would always climb as a kid. I would always fight with my neighbor about whose tree it was, but in the end we would always agree to share and then go climb it. We would always climb it, before the school bus came, to try and look cool. In the back, there was a big open field I would use to play sports and games with my neighbors. A little further back was an above ground pool. When we first got it, I had to wear a life vest, and I couldn’t stand wearing it. I felt like I was fat in it. When I got older, I snuck out a few times and got some friends to meet up with me to go have a little pool party. After the parties, we would crash in a little pool house that we had built after we got the pool. Not far from the pool was a fence that separated half of our yard. We didn’t use the far back of our land, because when it rained, a little river would form that would rip the fence down, and my dad didn’t want to waste money always fixing it. Since we never kept that part of the yard clean, there was always tall grass and lots of trees. It was really good terrain for airsoft and paintball. I remember there was a huge storm, and a tree in the far back got hit by lighting. It fell down but was still connected to the tree. For a while, my friends and I used it as a fort. It probably wasn’t a good idea, but luckily, we never got bit by snakes or anything like that. The Impact My best friend left the biggest impact on my life. His name was

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