Avco Environmental Service

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Verpapt Lapratanakul Business Case #1 Avco Environmental Services is a small toxic-waste disposal company where Chantale Leroux works as a clerk. Chantale found out the documents showed that the company has been disposing of medical waste in a local municipal space. She knows this is illegal and even a small amount of medical waste would raise public concerns. After that she reports this issue to her supervisor, Dave Lamb and her operations manager, Angela Van Wilgenbrug respectively. Both of they ignore and suggest that this is not her concern. They even tell her that this is how the company reduces the cost to survive in this competition and there is no damage to anyone with this tiny amount of medical waste. Chantale understands her supervisors clearly and knows that making further steps will affect her job. Moreover, she commonly believes in her management team. They seem like honest people. While she is still thinking how to deal with this, she looks up the phone number of her old friend who worked for the local newspaper. There are different points that Chantale should consider before making a decision. There are many ways that Chantale could do regard to this matter. First, she could go deeper as she could and check how correct information she has again before doing a next step. After that, she would get more options. Second, she could go and talk with her friend who works for the local newspaper and see how he suggests. Third, she could choose to go public with this matter and speak it all out. In this option, she has choices. She could go public with this issue by herself. For example, she could go to the community where the company has been disposing the medical waste, tell them about this issue, and fight with them against the company. Or she could go public secretly by giving the information and let other people run this issue against the
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