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ESSAY COVER SHEET AN1001 Anthropology Cultural Diversity in Global Perspective STUDENT’S LAST NAME: He FIRST NAME (Preferred name): ZiGui Keegan ASSESSMENT TASK: Analysis of Avatar QUESTION: How is ethnocentrism depicted in the film Avatar? Discuss with reference to the notions of exoticism, primitivism and romanticism. TITLE: Ethnocentrism in “Avatar” WORD COUNT: 589 words Tutorial Class: Thursday 1000-1150 James Cameron’s Avatar James Cook University James Cameron’s Avatar This essay aims to identify scenes where ethnocentrism and three related concepts exoticism, primitivism and romanticism. The film Avatar depicts the life of Jake sully, the main protagonist who was brought into the world of Pandora, an alien civilisation, to obtain the valuable mineral known as the unobtainium (Cameron & Landau, 2009). He was disguised as a Navi (tall scrawny looking blue humanoids) to infiltrate into their clan to learn the ways and lifestyle of the Navi before betraying them. During his integration in their unique culture, he was exposed to Ethnocentrism, exoticism, primitivism, romanticism. That made him realise the cruelty of humans and their obsession with the precious rock which would shake the balance of Pandora and its people. Ethnocentrism is the thinking that one’s own culture is the proper way of life and that other ways of life are inferior (Lundberg, 2012) . The colonial powers, especially Colonel Miles Quaritch had no dis regard to the life on the planet, considering them as hostile and uncivilized. They still continued their quest for the mineral despite acknowledging the fact that the entire planet would be in jeopardy once the sacred trees were destroyed. According to Parker Selfridge, the NAVI people were portrayed as inferior to humans labelling them as “blue monkeys” (Cameron & Landau, 2009), an insult to the Navi
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