Avatar Analysis

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In James Cameron Avatar, it relates human nature to imperialize and conquest land for their needs and resources. The parallelism between the humans and the Na’vis illustrate imperialism at its greatest. It was interesting to see the comparison of the movie to history. That is primarily due to fact that whenever a diplomatic decision or a consensus cannot be made, force is often used. For instance, the military was in search of unobtanium; a rare and expensive mineral in which they tried to attain through force since diplomacy was unsuccessful. Nevertheless in Pandora where the indigenous species, the Na’vis reside they have the same desires and feelings as human beings. In various scenes it displayed the same affection shown by human beings such as sorrow, love and excitement. The culture of the Na’vis is similar to that of human beings. They have a leader, the urgency to protect their kind, rituals and traditions. For example, the Na’vis sought protection and guidance from their ancestral spirits prior to the destruction of their planet. The movie depicts the system of hunting and gathering to find food and shelter. In addition, they made their weapons using natural resources as opposed to military weapons. From my point of view, the culture of the Na’vis is a mirror image of what occurs in tribes across the world that is unique and endangered. Like many rain forests and jungles, Pandora is filled with exotic flora and fauna. Hence, it brings us to put forward various questions: Firstly, why is it that we harm cultures that are similar to ours? Secondly, are our cultural traits an acculturation of others throughout the
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