Avatar Analysis

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Connections between different aspects that we come across in life can sometimes be difficult to see, but when they are found, it becomes clear on how they are connected. When watching the movie Avatar and reading Language and Myth by Ernst Cassirer, there were connections that were made. One connection that I made between the two was that in Language and Myth the author writes, “This illusion may be ever so finely wrought, and flit about us in the gayest and loveliest colors; the fact remains that this image has no independent content, no intrinsic meaning,” (Cassirer, 1946) and in the movie, Neytiri says to Jake, “You have a strong heart. No fear. But stupid, ignorant like a child” (Cameron, 2009, p. 6). Cassirer is saying that the thought of myth is so twisted and distorted from what it really is that no one is able to look at it and see the truth and real perception that should be understood when looking or studying myth. To use that quote in comparison, the “sky people” in Avatar just looked at the Na’vi people as avatars like people and didn’t take into consideration that they were people who loved, had families, and lives just as they did. In Avatar, the character Neytiri says that Jake is stupid and ignorant because she was looking from the outside. She was, in a sense, judging him because he was not a part of her ‘family” and he was not acting as though anyone in her family would. Her perception of Jake as an outsider blocked the real truth and perception of who he really was. Cassirer says, “…the mythology world is essentially a world of illusion – but an illusion that finds its explanation whenever the original, necessary self-deception of the mind, from which the error arises, is discovered.” (Cassirer, 1946, p. 5) To connect that to Avatar, the Na’vi people’s land was being used and taken advantage of until jake began to really get close to them and
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