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Extra Credit (Avatar: The Movie) The Avatar movie is about these two different worlds that want two different things. The humans and the Na’avis which is the blue people. These humans wanted to go to the Na’avis world to do an expedition to the moon Pandora, which corporate interest are strip-mining for a mineral that is worth $20 billion per kilogram. They send troops to be undercover and study how Na’avis are like. The way they do this is they use this system and use their consciousness and me themselves look like a Na’avi. Meanwhile, the Na’avi has no clue what the humans plan is. They hybrids (human/Na’avi) lived in Avatar for a while and it got to the point where they start to care about this new world. They experience a lot of things and changed their mind about destroying avatar. Instead, they defended them. They fought for the Na’avi and gained their respect. The Na’avi trusted the hybrids. These marines want to steal the very important thing that the Na’avi has and our planet need. They do not care about other things or getting the Na’avis killed which I think is very selfish of them but they will do anything to get it. This movie shows us that the use of ex-military burn-outs, the de facto storm troopers in Avatar, makes the United States become a really bad country to yet-successful worlds. It also checks over on past colonial adventurism by the US and other countries like the Spanish and French invaders especially the ones that they take advantage of getting the natural resources like movie Avatar. It is also about a behavior of the out-of-control sociopaths that try to kill all the civilians. I thought our government would never do anything like this, torture people that has nothing problem with us. Make a war that has nothing against us because we all know that it does not work like that and that is why this movie was really shocking to me,

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