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Select a visual art object from the historical Avant Garde (CIRA 1910-1940) and a contemporary visual art (CIRCA 1980-) of the same kind. Compare and contrast the two objects and discuss the influence of the historical Avant Garde on your selected contemporary object. This essay presents a discussion of the influence of historical avant-garde on contemporary visual arts. ‘Avant-garde’ comes from the French meaning front guard - an advance of the mainstream. Artworks that are powerful, experimental, radical and new that push the boundaries of art, culture and politics are the stem of Avant-garde. One such person is the famous Russian Avant-garde artist Kasimir Malevich. In this essay will explore his famous iconic work the “Black Square on White ground in 1929” examining his ideology of supremacy. I will also explore the works of contemporary artist Gillian Carnegie’s “Black Square 2002 Oil on canvas”, which was inspired by Malevich. I will discuss how her work shows in the form of illusion and geometry, the nature of sublime that shines in her paintings. From The historical Avant-garde came artists like Malevich who focused his ideas on an Investigation of the social meaning of colours and I will look at how his view on colours has greatly influenced contemporary art practices. Kasimir Malevich - Black Square on White ground 1929 Gillian Carnegie - Black Square 2002 Kasimir Malevich was the founder of the avant-garde movement of Suprematism. His famous iconic painting “Black Square on White ground “significantly shows his concept of Suprematism and his advance of the art mainstream. The Suprematism movement was influenced by the Russian Revolution which happened in October 1917 and inspired a art movement focused on primary geometric forms such as the square, rectangle, circle, cross, triangle; and a narrow range of

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