Avalon Related Text Essay Overcoming Adversity

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A STRONG HUMAN SPIRIT IS ESSENTIAL TO OVERCOMING ADVERSITY but what makes a strong human spirit and how do you overcome that adversity. Strong human spirit is needed for personal growth to surpass obstacles and new ways of seeing and believing, without human spirit one would not be able to take on a journey and the challenges they present. Adversity is an unavoidable part of life. It could be the Death of a loved one, breakup of a relationship, job loss, natural disaster, or any other undesirable event are all circumstances people encounter, Events happen that are beyond our control. Every day we are faced with adversity, overcoming adversity can impact in many different situations whether it being mentally physically or socially it has impacts on society, others and us as individuals it’s about overcoming these problems that as a society we must face. A strong human spirit is essential to overcoming adversity this is shown In the novel ‘destroying Avalon’ by Kate mccaffery and the related material being the film ‘the colour purple’ directed by Steven Spielberg, The characters are faced with situations that impact on themselves and the people around them socially, physically and mentally. Through the exploration of the themes relationships, bullying, death/loss the composers develop realistic events that impact on their respective protagonists. Death/loss –death and loss is the equaliser of mankind, regardless our place in the social structure we are all going to pass away. As a society and individuals we see death as sadness as it’s the end of our physical relationship; however it is the death of young people that creates the most grief for those left behind. In the text marshal is the victim of death he couldn’t handle the outburst of social media he didn’t want to have anything to do with it anymore and couldn’t mentally overcome the adversity which

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