Autumn Of Mankind Essay

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Autumn of Mankind | English Language assignment | | At the beginning of the end, one young soldier experiences his first feat of liberation from his confining home. But war is not as exciting as once was expected. Fifteen years after entering this warzone, will Benjamin Carmine ever see the primrose of life again? Or will he be fated to an everlasting death along with five-fifths of the human population? | | | The Autumn Of Mankind ‘Within the deepest, darkest underground regions of the Timgad mountain range, somewhere north of Asphentos (the headquarters of the Coalition of Ordered Governments: COG), lies a civilization of subordinate human-like life forms; mutilated, scarred, and full of hatred. Hundreds of thousand-upon-thousands of warriors prepare for the last confrontation against the human race—the final struggle for survival. Inside this hazardous terrain hosts an operation of mobilization. Regardless of how these indigenous creatures may initially seem, an industrial revolution has been taking place for what appears to be decades old. New genetically modified monsters are born out of the emulsion residue—taught only to kill. Mass armaments are being distributed, and tensions are rising as an ominous wind travels through the air. A loud roar resembling the force and rage of a hurricane, called from a distance and transpired throughout the underground, as though it was a call of destiny; a call to arms. All inhabitants of this underground lair march towards the beckoning call. As the congregation settled, a silhouetted figure similar to that of a female human, wearing what appeared to be a formal robe, materialized on the top of a small cliff standing tall in this interminable cavern. It looked upon its domain and addressed it in a comprehensible, majestic and conceited manner. “It began, as always, with the desire for power; the

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