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In the following case between Gard Automotive Manufacturing and DuPont Engineering Polymers a salesman by the name of Tom Lippert who represents Dupont is faced with meeting Gards recently appointed contact for sales Mr. Binish. What he comes to learn is that this meeting will not be business as usual and will force his company back into a competitive sales environment. Due to other competitors being able to provide a similar service, Dupont is awarded only a one year contract which allows Gard to peruse other suppliers. The new sales contact for Gard has several expectations and strategies for purchasing and intends on implementing his plan immediately. What Gard will now expect from suppliers is based solely on a competitor’s logistic ability. What this ultimately means for Dupont is that they have one year to prove that they still are the best supplier by making improvements to how they provide logistical support to meet a client’s needs. A comparison of the two companies shows that Gard allows a delivery to be made ten days after placing an order. This practice is bad for their manufacturing operations and overall value, because it causes too much time to be taken for delivery. Smaller windows of time for deliveries can improve their standings with their customers and produce more trustworthiness for them with customers. The smaller window produces a five day service window; but Bisnish wants this to be reduced to three days which results in added value to the operations of Gard. Dupont’s processing times fall between six to eight days which proves to both add value and shorten time waste. Their delivery ability adds no value due to it taking three to six days for goods to leave the manufacturer and arrive at the customer’s destination. This time lapse could be made shorter to realize substantial value in the delivery process. The minimum performance

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