Automobile Workshop Design Project Essay

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ABSTRACT This project title ‘’Automobile Workshop’’ for the Federal University of Technology, Akure’’ is written to meet the needs of subsequent student or anyone working on the topic Automobile Workshop for academic, research and design purpose be it in Nigeria or elsewhere. The topics covered are also sufficient to equip student of Architecture and other related course in the field. Every effort has been made to achieve the correct language level, and to present the essential material in a straight forward, uncomplicated manner. Essential facts and figure is kept at a level that can easily be understood. The report is highly illustrated and arranged in such a way to present the background information in the early chapter such as Introduction, project justification, aim and objective, research methodology e.t.c followed gradually by the more advanced ones, which includes planning consideration, case study, project site, spatial analysis which was concluded with design synthesis. Hence, academician, researcher, designer and student are thus presented with an effective means of design approach and analysis whereby they can secure information to strengthen and aid their research and design project. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.00 PROJECT CRITERIA The Federal University of Technology, Akure since its inception has been sourcing for how best to boast their technological base and increase their internally generated revenue. Hence, the need arises in the recent senate and academic board meeting, to charge each department in the institution to go and brainstorm and come up with blueprint to help the cause. Therefore in lieu of the above and in order to strengthen the academic practical base and entrepreneurship skill of Mechanical Engineering student who major in automobile, and to alleviate the problem of car servicing of management, staff and student and to increase

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