Automobile Transportation Essay

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The Automobile The automobile is a wheeled cart that is made to carry passengers and also carries its own motor or engine to propel itself. It is an invention that has changed the way many citizens in more developed countries live. In the case of our own nation, the United States of America, a family of four will generally have two or more cars depending on how old the children are. The purpose is to transport people from place to place and can hold one to eight people. Impact Automobiles over the past 100 years have made an enormous impact on the way Americans live today. The automobile that had the largest impact on our country was non-other than Henry Ford’s Model T. This was the car that started it all. It was a symbol of class and wealth. If you didn’t own one you were nothing. Going from walking or riding horseback or in horse-drawn carts people were able to travel much farther and do many more things such as live farther from work and travel together comfortably. As time progressed new cars and manufacturers came out. A large corporation known as General Motors emerged to give Ford its largest competition over many years to come. Automobiles changed the way people did many things. If one could live in a nice home outside a large city and commute to work then they could still have their nice city job but still live in the setting they chose. Drive-in movies and other attractions sprung up as the result of the automobile obsession of our country grew. Then you come to present day America when every family has at least one car if not two. Many Americans still take advantage of working in the city but commute from their home a large distance away. Larger automobiles come into scene as wealth and power. The guy with the huge truck with a lift kit has become a more manly man because of what he drives. A lot is said about you on what kind of

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