Automobile Safety Essay

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Car safety has improved more and more throughout the years. All these advancements are thanks to the improvement of technology and our understanding in physics. In my opinion. the top three innovations in car safety are the seat belt, airbags. and shatterproof windshields, which were all made standard in all vehicles. One of the safety innovations that improved passenger safety is the seat belt. Seat belts are still used today as a part of saving people’s lives. The seat belt was first introduced when Physicians put lap belts in their automobiles and urged other manufacturers to put it in all automobiles. In 1954 American Medical Association House of Delegates voted to reinforce installation of lap belts in all cars and be set as a standard. By 1965, all U.S car manufacturers provided seat belts for the diver and passenger seat. Later in 1967 car manufacturers made seat belts for the rear position of the cars. Seat belts are designed to stop passengers when a car is decreasing speed. A seat belt holds the driver back and allows them to expel the kinetic energy of their movement into the soft fibers of the belt and not hit the hard surface found in the front of the car. Inertia causes the passenger to keep moving forward even though the vehicle is stopping. Inertia is a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force (Newton’s Law of Motion). Since seat belts are made of cloth and are somewhat flexible, they increase the time the body takes to slow down. This is good because without a seatbelt to stop the driver, the driver flies until stopped suddenly by the impact on the steering column, windshield, or the impact of flying off the car and hitting the ground. The stopping distance is estimated to be about one fifth of that with a seatbelt, causing the

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