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1 Engine Table of Contents Cayenne General The completely new developed V8 engines are a naturally aspirated engine for the Cayenne S and a turbocharged version for the Cayenne Turbo, each with a capacityDiagnosis of 4.5 liters. They are 8-cylinder, 32-valve gasoline engines, with the cylinder banks arranged at 90 degrees and two camshafts per cylinder bank. Particular attention was paid during the development of these new engines to achieving the maximum specific output while at the same obtaining outstanding Adjustment emissions and fuel consumption characteristics. General Full-Throttle Curve Cayenne S Full-Throttle Curve Cayenne Turbo Engine Mounts Crankcase Crankshaft, Vibration Damper, Connecting Rods 1 3 4 5 6 7 Note Cayenne S Pistons, Cayenne Turbo Pistons Cayenne S Cylinder Head, Cayenne Turbo Cylinder Head 8 9 9 Programming Valves, Valve Springs Camshafts with Cylinder-Specific Cam Contours Chain Drive, Belt Drive Camshaft Adjustment Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Non-Return Valve Cayenne S Oil Circulation Cayenne Turbo Oil Circulation Oil Spray Jets, Oil Pump Cayenne S Crankcase Ventilation, Cayenne Turbo Crankcase Ventilation Oil Filter Cooling System 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 19 20 1.1 / 2003 Cayenne Important Features • Two-piece closed deck aluminum crankcase with integrated cast-iron bearing blocks • Two-piece cylinder heads with separate camshaft housing • Continuously variable camshaft adjustment on the intake side (VarioCam) • Cylinder-selective exhaust cam contours • Integral dry-sump lubrication • Two-stage oil scavenging, additional turbocharger scavenge pump for V8 twin-turbo engine • Spray cooling of pistons (V8 twin-turbo engine only) • Oil-water heat exchanger • Cross-flow cooling of cylinder heads, longitudinal flow through crankcase 1.2/

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