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Engelsk B Højere forberedelseseksamen 2. delprøve Section B 1. The text is about a man called Ramesh and his grandmother. They are travelling by plain to visit Ramesh’ sister in Surrey. They eat their in-flight meal while the grandmother is talking to the neighbour and showing pictures of the children in the family. Ramesh tells the grandmother, that he is giving up his career as a doctor. The grandmother is not pleased with his decision. They fall asleep, and when Ramesh is awake again, he discovers the death of his grandmother. In spite of his training to become a Doctor, he panics a bit. The flight attendant moves the grandmother into the First class cabin, where Ramesh can sit with her. He is thinking that he hopes it wasn’t his change of plans in career that killed her, but the food on the plain. In the end of the text Ramesh looks into his grandmothers’ purse, where he finds a letter from him. He wrote an apology 10 years ago, for missing his grandfathers’ funeral, because of an examination. He is very surprised, that she carried that letter with her. 2. Ramesh is a 26-year-old man. He is not married and has no kids. When I read about the way he handles his grandmothers dead, I get the impression that he doesn’t take life to seriously. He is hoping that the cause of his grandmothers dead is the in-flight meal and not his career move. This is the first sign that shows me, his lack of seriousness. He is changing career from being a doctor to becoming a salesman. He is moving from saving lives to selling products. Maybe this shows, that he wants to seem like a person who cares in general, but really this is not his passion. There are several examples in the text that shows me, how much he cares about what people think of him. He doesn’t call for help, when his grandmother dies, until he is calm and collected. Instead of being in the present he is

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