Automatic Egg Sorter Essay

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND 1.1. Introduction The egg, a major product of poultry is one of the most nutritious and complete foods known to man. Being the cheapest per unit source of animal protein, eggs are more readily affordable by the populace than other sources of animal protein. As it is with other agricultural products, eggs too are affected by inclement weather which is prevalent in the humid tropical countries, however, lack of infrastructural development characteristic of these countries adversely affect egg preservation, storage and transportation Egg grading generally involves the sorting of products according to quality, size, weight and other factors that determine the relative value of the product. It entails the grouping of eggs into lots, having similar quality and weight. The grade of an egg is determined by factors like its quality and weight, but the factor with the lowest grade determines the overall grade of the egg. However, unlike in the developed countries where eggs are sorted and graded before being sold to the public, majority of eggs produced in Philippines are mostly from smallholder farms usually in peri-urban areas where there are limited or no facilities for the preservation and storage of these eggs. Such farmers tend to dispose the eggs daily as it is collected from the birds, without any recourse to sorting or grading of the eggs, consequently leading to inefficient and in-appropriate pricing of eggs by the marketers with its associated economic losses and increased wastages. 1.2. Background of the Study The major challenges of marketing livestock products are appropriate pricing, preservation and storage. The usual practice on smallholder poultry farms is to sell eggs unsorted. This result in loss of income, decreased marketability and increased wastages. This study aimed at assessing the profitability of

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