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The Genre Autobiography The term ‘autobiography’, to me, refers to one’s life – writings written by oneself. The writings are usually based on the author’s whole life, or perhaps focus on one or two main aspects that were particularly meaningful to the writer. Furthermore, the author should be the main character, or at least have the character based upon themself. The autobiography is presumably correct, in essence. The events in the writer’s life that have been related may or may not have been either exaggerated or altered in order to improve the flow of the writing. The events are most likely dramatized in some instances, simply to engage the reader and make for a more interesting read. The author may write their autobiography for many reasons. Firstly, the author may feel that, in the case of The Shark Net, that there is a particular event in their life that they simply need to write about, in order to fully understand what happened to them at that particular time. Another reason may be that the author may feel that happenings have been so intriguing or grand throughout their life that they wish to share their experiences with others. They may want to pass on their knowledge to future generations, or preserve a family history. A further reason may be due to the writer wishing to explore themselves, and discover other aspects of their life or character that would otherwise be left undiscovered. While writing their autobiography, there may be certain freedoms or restrictions that they experience. For instance, they may be restricted to the events in the lifetime, rather than being able to explore or create other worlds, as a fiction writer may do. They are also restricted, for the most part, to experiences that happened in their lives. However, the writer may experience freedom in the sense that they are able to explore their own life through their writing,

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