Autobiography: Ohyuhh Essay

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Charlotte Mary Elizabeth Mosher was born on the 16th of June, 1992 at Fredericton Hospital…I know this, because I was there. In fact I’ve known Charlotte my whole life, probably because we are one and the same. Right now, I’m 16 years old and I’m 5”7. I’ve lived in St. Stephen my entire life with my parents and my sister in our house in Mohannes; along with our cat Harry and our dog Susie. I love eating Kraft Dinner and Smarties and I cannot blow a bubble with gum, sadly. My favorite band is either Hedley or Secondhand Serenade, and my favorite TV show is either Gossip Girl or Heroes. I work at the Superstore part-time, am involved in Bully Blockers, Drama and the Tech Crew, and I attend school at St. Stephen High School. I laugh a lot, sometimes uncontrollably or when it’s inappropriate, and I have some pretty amazing friends. In this autobiography I’m going to highlight on some of the events in my life that, I believe, have shaped me into the person that I am today. When I was 13, our French Immersion Grade 7 class was going on a trip to Quebec City and as most would be, I was excited. Mme Marshall, one of my teachers at the time, had mentioned it in November but it had seemed so far away; as if it would never happen. However, time went by quickly and before I knew it we were bulking up on our french sayings and receiving our lists of what to bring. The night before the trip, which was technically the morning before since it was about four in the morning, I vaguely remember sitting on the stool in the kitchen, the light from over the sink flickering slightly as I chewed on soda crackers and sipped ginger ale. I think of it as the reprecautions of taking Tylenol on an empty stomach, but my mom is convinced that it was a case of pre-home sickness. Later that same day, it was time to get all of my stuff rounded up and proceed to the school, where the tour bus

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