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Name- Phillip Hickmon Course - University 103 Date- 06/04/13 Instructor- Stephanie Pero Why am I motivated? I was motivated to enroll at GCU to get a higher degree, because I felt as if my career was at a standstill just working my part-time job. I was on the job for practically five years, and I was still performing the same duties at the end of the five years, that I performed the first week I started on the job. I was not even making ten dollars an hour. The economy is moving up on the finance charts at the point in time. The price on everything is increasing at a steady rate. Sometimes we see gas drop here and there, but for the most part gas increase on the average five to ten cent every month. I am also a young man, and one day I plan to get married and start a family. I want my children to have all the things I could not have when I was a young child. I want this degree, because I strive and pray every day to have the American Dream, because my parents and grandparents never had the chance to ever reach for the American Dream. Motivation is important for student success, because motivation gives you the power to get what you want and achieve your goals. It was one time in life I lost my motivation, and I saw myself as a very lazy un-motivated person. I cannot speak for everyone, and I apologize if I offend anyone, but I feel a person without motivation is a somewhat lazy person. I strongly associate the word lazy with the term procrastination “Procrastination refers to the lack or absence of self-regulated performance and the behavioral tendency to postpone what is necessary to reach a goal” (Knaus, 2000, p. 153-166). When I was going through this stage I had given up on all my goals and dreams. It seemed like a chain of negative events was taking place in my life. I was lazy, which caused me to procrastinate, and become un- motivated in life. I thank

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