Autobiography Essay

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When looking towards our future, one must acknowledge the past. There comes a time in life when we must take hold of our past and bring it with us through the present and the future. Take life long lessons with us and carry them forward. Your mother’s talks about self respect and values. Your fathers preachings about the real world.In reality you haven’t got eternity to live, however, you should live you life to the fullest. If we journey to the ends of the earth or just graduate from high school, our timeline of history has either brought us there or is being brought with us. From a young age I was taught right from wrong. It, in a sense, keeps me through rigorous situations that could have bettered or worsened me. Whenever faced with a problem I almost immediately thought, if my mother found out about this how would she react. That’s what keeps, until this day, in a state of realization. I have found that people who know right from wrong and are exposed to real life situations are less easily succumbed to temptation and evil satisfactions. Out of all experiences I have encountered. The one that has carried me through my teen years would be going to Washington D.C. to visit my oldest sister. There she taught me something that can never be forgotten. She told me that there will be road blocks from people who could care less about where you go and what you do, and there will be road blocks from people who only want you to be what their eyes foster. From that day on I would never let another person defer me from my dream. I was a straight A student in elementary school, I fell off a bit getting my first B’s and C’s during my fifth through seventh grade years. I never let myself ever come home with an F on my report card. I was a fairly intelligent child that was always the one they came to for help with homework, classwork, and even tests. I always had a quite

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