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Initial Autobiography Terri Michelle Taylor June 10, 2011 My name is Terri Michelle Taylor and I go by Michelle. I was born September 18, 1983 at Jackson General Hospital in Jackson, Tennessee. I weighed four pounds and two ounces at birth and dropped down to two pounds shortly after birth. I was a premature birth at seven months gestation. I have a twin brother named Chris. I have no major health problems related to my premature birth and am in good health status. I was raised by my mother, Linda Brewer. My parents divorced when I was five years old. She raised me, my two sisters, and my three brothers from that time till now. I started walking around one year of age and talking around two years of age. As a child I enjoyed playing outside, going to the lake, reading, walking, listening to music, and singing. I consider my special abilities to be the way I handle people and singing. I was one of the two middle children in my family. I have two older sisters, a twin brother, and two younger brothers. Our ages now range from fourteen years of age to thirty four years of age. I am out living on my own as well as both of my older sisters and one of my younger brothers. My twin brother and youngest brother still live at home with our mother. I attended and graduated elementary school at South Haven Elementary School in Lexington, Tennessee in 1998. I attended and graduated high school at Scotts Hill High School in Scotts Hill, Tennessee in 2002. I received my Associates Degree in Science from Jackson State Community College in 2005. I also obtained my Licensed Practical Nursing license from the Tennessee Technology Center in Lexington, Tennessee in 2008. I am currently working toward obtaining my Registered Nurses license. In high school I was in honors classes and worked full time from the time I was fifteen years of age till the time I graduated. I was in

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