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University of Utah Master of Social Work Application Autobiographical Sketch Anjanae Fuentes Mérida October 2011 Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios, addressed a large group of college graduates from Stanford University in 2005 (Jobs, 2005). He mentioned the unexpected and sometimes difficult events that serendipitously led him to a successful life; he called it “Connecting the Dots” (Jobs, 2005). I believe certain events in our lives happen for a reason and there have been many “dots” in my life that have both prepared me and “connected” me to social work. I was born in Utah to a Mexican-American father and a white, Anglo mother. I grew up in a predominantly white, rural town where I had the chance to experience and essentially become part of two diverse cultures. When I turned 18, I experienced one of those life-changing “dots” that led me to the path I am on today. I felt a call to embrace my father’s Latino heritage and immerse myself in the Spanish language. In January of 2001, I was offered a volunteer opportunity in Guatemala to work for The Rose Foundation doing humanitarian service in schools for underprivileged children. The experiences I had during this transitional period of my life helped me discover what my core values were and greatly influenced the direction I wanted to take. I returned to the United States in October 2002 and immediately registered for school at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah where I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in 2005. I then transferred to the University of Utah and was immediately drawn to the Social Work program as a major because it was a profession where I could be paid to do what I love – help people. I graduated with my Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Utah in December 2008. Going to school was extremely difficult for me as I

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