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Running head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH PAPER Autobiographical Research Paper: The Influences of Race on the Community of Weston, Ohio Ashley Hart ETH/125 Cultural Diversity Susan Harper January 6, 2012 The Influences of Race on the Community of Weston, Ohio It is a beautiful day; the kind of day when birds sing and people all around are smiling. I seek the shelter of the shades and watch as laughter trickles through the crowd bustling around me, almost like a communicable disease. There is no spite, only delight. And it is in this idyllic neighborhood I have lived all my life (and with no intention of moving), this small and friendly neighborhood in Weston. Weston is a rather undersized city in the county of Wood, with an estimate population count in the year 2000 of 1,659 (U.S. Census Bureau). It is also a diverse melting pot that consists of people from various race and ethnicity, perfectly exemplifying a shrunken version of the United States which is equally as lush and lavish in terms of diversity. Even though Caucasians are the majority in Weston, occupying 80.1% of the population, there are also representatives of other race and ethnicity, such as African Americans 3%, Asian Americans 5%, and people of Hispanic origins 17.2% (U.S. Census Bureau). To delve into that more deeply, the profile of selected social characteristics on the city of Weston demonstrates excessively diverse ancestries among its residents, with the most of them being of English and German ancestries. I am a white female. In spite of the diversity in Weston, Caucasians do occupy a large portion of the population, and thus many members of the community look like me in terms of skin color. When I walk on the streets, the people who brush past my shoulders are mostly white people, male and female. However, race and ethnicity aside, these people whom I share the dominant skin

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