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I can only think of one person who has had a significant influence on me and that significant person is Kevin R. Tatum. Mr. Tatum is my hero, my friend, my coach, and my adopted dad. He is loving, caring, supportive, smart, witty, persistent. He doesn't give up easily, whether it’s my educational desires and accomplishments or my athletic dreams. He is creative, as he is unique. He is there for you even when you least expect him. He is always willing to do for others just because he wants to and not because he feels obligated. I feel Mr. Tatum is like my biological dad because he supported me through the good and not so good times in my life. For example, due to unforeseeable circumstances, myself, my mom, sister and brother came to live in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. As a teenager, the adjustment didn’t go very well because I missed my friends and living in New York City. I met Mr. Tatum through my younger sister. Mr. Tatum was coaching a summer track team that my younger sister was on. We hit it off from the start, we had made a commitment to each other, as long as I maintained good grades, stayed in school, remained focused, he would let me run on the track team. I did just that. But it didn't just stop there; he would pick me up when I fell; and when I strayed down the wrong path he was there to nudge me back on the right road. For instance, while attending a local high school in Baltimore city, I was doing so well in my course work that I didn't feel that I needed to go anymore. I felt that the school was not teaching me. I wanted to drop out and get my GED but my mom and Mr. Tatum were not having that. So, myself, my mom and Mr. Tatum discussed my options, the next thing I knew he took me into his home and got me enrolled in a school that provided the educational challenges I needed. He taught me never to give up on my dreams or myself. He

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