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David Diaz 3003676 Dr. Claus 9 / 16 / 11 Autobiographical Essay Autobiographical Essay I am not emotionless. Who is one to tell me that I have no feelings? Just because I did not cry when my grandfather died does not mean that I did not care about him. I may have been fine on the outside, but I was internally destroyed. When my grandfather died, my world stopped. It felt as though superman grabbed a street pole, and rammed it straight through my heart. Reality took me by the hand, and led me into a world that I wish never to see again. When I was in elementary school, the only thing I would look forward to was sleeping over my grandfather’s house. I was about six to eight years old at the time. I would constantly beg my parents to sleep over until the word “yes” became the only known answer in their vocabulary. As soon as my parents had given in, the thought of Cuban coffee with milk complimented with Cuban bread and butter crossed my mind. The thought of playing for hours with my grandmother’s hair clippers as if they were soldiers of two different armies, one black and one brown, entered my head. I had entered in my own heaven. I loved my grandfather more than my own father. My grandfather was the opposite of my dad. Unlike my dad, my grandfather would not punish me, hit me, or yell at me. My grandfather would always buy toys and my favorite foods for me, which my dad would not do. He would also always make time to play baseball with even if it meant overworking his old aged body. He lived a life to make others happy, instead of himself. My grandfather was the kindest and most loving person in the world. Of the twelve years that I have been with my grandfather, not once had I seen him in a bad mood. He was like the sun. He brought upon a warm and welcoming sensation to those around him. At the age of twelve, my grandfather had given me a key chain,

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