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Candace Patrice Simmons It’s a girl, born on Thursday March 22, 1988, 3:54 pm at Holy Cross Hospital to the proud parents of Delores Baltimore and Thomas Simmons. I have an older sister by six years. I also have a younger sister Katrelle by my father. I grew up in PG County in many of different cities transferring to about seven different schools from k-7th grade. When I was in the fourth grade at Cooper Lane Elementary something happen that change my life forever. On October 18, 1997 my mom married Leroy Faison; he had two daughters from previous relationships named Keyandra, Latoria. The three of us are one apart me being in the middle. Since then I have lived with my mom, my older sister, my step father and my two step sisters. We all became close and one big happy family living in Landover, MD. I have many of hobbies I like to do; talk on the phone, shop, go to the movies, and hang with by family and friends. My favorite food is chicken and candy. My favorite color is purple it symbolizes royalty. In 2006 Keyandra and I graduated from Glenridge Elementary School, Later moving to middle school at Charles Carroll. In 2002 we graduated from middle to high school now attending Forestville Military Academy. Throughout my high school years I was involved in many of clubs. Ninth grade I played volleyball, and was in FBLA; which means future business leaders of America. I stayed on the honor roll with at least a 3.25 g.p.a. When I was in the tenth grade I was on the band line, I was a banner girl also known as a dancer. Eleventh grade I was still playing volleyball and in the band, but also in the art club. When I finally became a senior I was focused on maintaining a job Red Lobsters to cut the cost of my senior fees. In all the cost was about three-hundred dollars. I attended the pep rally the homecoming game and dance, and lastly the prom. My senior year was

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