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AHMAD RADZI’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY My name is Ahmad Radzi bin Yusof. I was born on 29 August 1988 in Sibu, Sarawak. My mother told me that I was born on the day when a big flood struck my hometown. I am the youngest child out of five. The age gap between me and my eldest sibling is 15 years. The most unique part of my family is all the members are wearing glasses including my sister in law. Therefore I would like to preserve this unique identity by finding a woman that also wears glasses as my future wife. I was quite active in sport during my primary and secondary school years. Every morning, before the first class started, my friends and I would play football in front of the class. Besides that, I have been chosen to represent my class as one of the runners in 4x100 meter relay. When I was in secondary school, I have been selected to be the class monitor, as well as the school prefect. Moreover, I represented my school for Kuiz Agama Islam and Kuiz Pengguna. Unfortunately, I rarely play any sports anymore due to the hectic university student lifestyle that is always full with the assignments and projects. I was thinking to gain some work experiences during the long break after the SPM examination. So I had applied many job applications but they all had been turned down by the employers. In the end, I have decided to work at the biscuit factory which is located not far from my home. My work tasks or duties were covered almost all sections in the factory such as wiping the windows, sweeping the floor, lifting boxes and others. Although the salary was quite low, the experience I gained when working there was priceless. I only worked there for one month as my application to further studies in matriculation has been approved and accepted. I furthered my studies at Labuan Matriculation College. The course that I took in the matriculation was Physical Science.

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