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Medical Nutrition Therapy February 4, 2011 Questions Part II: 1. Based on the data provided, does your diet follow the recommended standards? Explain your answer. Based on the data provided my diet does not follow the recommended standards because on some of the day i have eaten more than recommended or less. For example Jan 26 everything was good except for my carbohydrates. 0n Jan 27 i went under my recommended goals for proteins and Jan 28 I went over for fats. 2. List three strong points of your diet based on the results of your dietary analysis and discuss how this will improve your overall health. 1. Calories is something i seem to do well with, it haven’t went under or over with calories. 2. I also noicted that i do eat something with protien everyday i just need to eat a little more of it. 3. I can maybe throw in a little snack to lower my fats that i sometimes eat to much of. 3. List three weak points of your diet based on the results of your dietary analysis and discuss how these issues will interfere with your health. 1. Fats are something i have to really be careful with, eating to much of fatty foods will not allow me to loose the weight that I’m trying to loose it will make me gain weight and that’s something I’m not trying to do. It will also be very bad for my health. 2.Protein would be another essential nutrient that builds muscles. It also helps the cell repair, hormone production and fluid balance. Protein keeps you in shape if i don’t eat enough of this i guess we wont see any of that happening. 3. Carbohydrates can be good for you and also bad. By me going under my carbohydrates it is really bad for my health because this is good for the body and brain, so i need to eat a lots of fruits and vegetables. Step 12: You have now completed all 3 components of this assignment: the 3 day Food Record, the 3 day Daily

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