Auto Liberation Essay

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In the article “Auto Liberation,” Brent Knutson discusses the need for national speed limits on U.S. interstate highways. Specifically, Knutson argues that speed limits are unnecessary based on his experience driving on German autobahns. He claims that American speed limits violate on the freedoms of Americans. Also, he says that nowadays automobiles are able to travel safely at high speeds, and speed is not the cause of accidents but “[it] combined with incompetence, alcohol, or hazardous conditions is dangerous” (Knutson paragraph 9). Moreover, Knutson states that an “intensive driver-education programs, stringent licensing criteria, and public-service announcement campaigns” can make the Americans drive responsibly on the road and he believes the main reason to repeal speed limit is “driving fast is enjoyable.” Surprisingly, the accident rates declined constantly since the interstate speed limits were increased. Knutson concludes that we, as drivers, should “fight to regain our freedom behind the wheel,” and take control of the automobiles. I disagree Knutson’s point of abolishing the national speed limits. In my view, I think repealing speed limit is a dangerous act. As it mentioned in the article, “American drivers do not possess the skill or capacity to drive at autobahn speeds”(Knutson paragraph 4). I don’t think Americans have enough skills to drive safely without speed limits. For example, in my native country, Hong Kong, you need to be at least 18 to drive and you should take at least 30-45 hours behind-wheel training before going to take the test whereas in the U.S., the legal age to drive is 16, which I think a 16 years old person is not mature enough to drive. Also, it is ridiculous that there is no minimum behind-wheel training hours for the licensing criteria, which means you can take the driving test whenever you want regardless how many hours of
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