Auto Insurance Crime

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Justice is defined as attaining fundamental fairness through due process and a reasonable and even-handed assessment of the facts. The primary purpose of Justice is to arrive at the most equitable conclusion of a dispute as is possible. The law does a good job of attempting to see justice done, but in many cases, strict adherence to the law can lead to unjust circumstances. The ultimate law of our nation is the United States Constitution. The part of the US Constitution that deals with procedural rights of a person accused of a crime is the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the constitution. Amendments four through eight deal with criminal law from investigation to punishment. The fourth amendment limits the circumstances under which a person's property may be searched or seized. It states that in order to conduct a search or seizure of a person or property, a warrant from a judge is required. The Fifth…show more content…
It is my goal to become an investigator of claims so that I may assess the legitimacy of the circumstances predicate to the submission of monetary claims to insurance holders. There are several types of "staged accidents" in which scammers actually cause auto accidents and force the insured party to pay for damages that are not their fault. Some would argue that investigating fraud claims helps the big insurance companies, rather than individuals, but that is not the full story. By determining the facts of these cases, and making recommendations regarding criminal prosecution, I hope to further the cause of justice and fairness by helping to apprehend those responsible for the fraud, and protecting the innocent from increased premiums, and other hassles associated with fraud. This, in turn, will help everyone, because insurance costs across the board go up when the insurance companies take losses related to

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