Autistic Essay

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Autistic Disorder Sample Case 1: Brian is a 6-year old child being treated at a residential school for emotionally handicapped children. As an infant, Brian did not respond well to his parents’ efforts to play with and hold him. His mother noticed that his whole body seemed to stiffen when she picked him up out of his crib. No matter how much she tried, she could not entice Brian to smile. When she tried to play games by tickling his toes or touching his nose, he averted his eyes and looked out the window. It was not until Brian was 18 months old that his mother first realized that his behavior reflected more than just a quiet temperament- that he in fact was developing abnormally. Brain never did develop an attachment to people, but instead clung to a small piece of wood that he carried with him everywhere. His mother often found Brian rocking his body in a corner, clinging to this piece of wood. It was Brian’s language, though, that finally indicated the presence of serious disturbance. At an age when most children start to put together short sentences, Brian was still babbling incoherently. His babbling did not sound like that of a normal infant. He would repeat the same syllable over and over again usually the last syllable of something that was just said to him, in a high-pitched, monotone voice. Perhaps the most bizarre feature of Brian’s “speech” was that it was not directed at the listener. Brian seemed to be communicating in a world of his own. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Sample Case 1: Joshua’s mother has just had a conference with her son’s teacher, who related that Joshua, age 7, has been extremely restless and distractible in class. Every few minutes he is out of his desk, exploring something on a bookshelf or looking out the window. When in his seat, he kicks his feet back and forth, drums his fingers on the table, shifts around,
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