Autism Spectrum Disorders Response Paper

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1 February 2012 A Deeper Analysis into Autism Spectrum Disorders The first response paper was based off of the article titled Autism Spectrum Disorders: Diagnosis, Prevalence, and Services for Children and Families. This article mainly focused on the prevalence of ASD, and the impact it has on today’s society. I found this article to be very informative and beneficial towards our understanding of the child’s motor and intelligence development. Through reading this article we, as a class, will be able to assess the development of an infant’s intelligence more deeply. The article speaks about how ASD is an epidemic. The most recent study done by the CDC shows that 1 in 70 boys is diagnosed with an ASD while 1 in 315 girls is diagnosed in the United States. This gives a rough estimate of about one in one hundred…show more content…
The family members could become not only emotionally damaged, but also add tremendous amount of stress to the entire family. According to the article, the family could possibly spend anywhere from three to five million more dollars to raise a child with ASD compared to a child without ASD. One may argue that insurance would cover all the costs however the majority of families must also pay large sums of money out of their own pockets. Maybe the parents can work extra jobs? Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Research shows that parents of a child diagnosed with ASD either stop or reduce work compared to parents of a child that is not diagnosed with ASD. This is due to the fact that someone has to take care of the child and most times it is the parents that do so. The parents also have to drive the child to see different doctors in order to help treat the ASD even though there is no known treatment as of yet. This takes even more time out of their lives. A child with ASD affects loved ones around him or her and it is very

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